Slow Round 02

Black Leather, Silver Case, Black Dial
scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

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The all-purpose wrist watch par excellence. There are hardly any opportunities where you would not be able to wear the combination of black and silver – at least we cannot think of any!

  • Swiss Made, Swiss GMT Quartz movement
  • Time can be read as accurate as +- 1 to 2 minutes
  • 40 mm silver stainless steel case, 100 M water resistant
  • Super soft Italian calf leather band




Country of origin


Case material

Stainless Steel

Case colour


Water resistance

10 ATM/100 metres

Case width

40 mm

Case length

47.3 mm

Case thickness (excl. glass)

8.25 mm

Case thickness (incl. glass)

8.25 mm

Glass material

Sapphire crystal

Glass opening diameter

34.5 mm

Dial colour


Hand colour


Band Material

Italian calf leather

Band colour


Band width

20 - 18 mm

Wrist circumference range

min. 135 mm - max. 200 mm

Buckle material

Stainless Steel

Buckle colour



Ronda 515.24 Swiss Made

Movement type



Renata 371 1.55v Silver Oxide (exchange in every watch shop)

Battery life

45 months

Weight (excluding box)

65 g

Weight (including box)

275 g


Fitting bands


Now it's

Here it's

And guess what...

A bit more precise? No Problem!: 12:23
And would it be a drama if it's 12:24?

Product Reviews

  1. Unique and Differant by Graham H.

    A well made and a solid feeling Swiss watch, designed for those who like something different and unique. There are 24 hours in a day, so a 24 hour watch, rather than a conventional 12 hour one, makes sense...
    (Posted on 24/12/2019)

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  2. Great service by Anonymous

    Lovely watch and arrived on time!!
    (Posted on 19/09/2019)

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  3. Latest evolution in Slow minimalistic design by Ronald L. Russell

    I purchased my first watch from Slow in 2014, and have been sufficiently impressed by the styling, quality and the overall vision of the company that I've added two other models from their range since then. The latest, the Slow Round 02, is the subject of this review. Slow Round has a round stainless steel case 40 mm wide (not counting the crown) and 8.25 mm thick. Unlike earlier models which had a brushed finish, Slow Round has a soft matte finish which is non-reflective. The case is beveled top and bottom which gives a narrow tapering bezel which surrounds the flat sapphire crystal (most earlier models had hardened K1 glass). Like all Slow watches, the dial is unbranded, as part of their minimalistic design ethic. The back is flat and retained by four machine screws, which makes home battery replacements easier (provided one has the correct screwdriver). The Slow logo is displayed on the back (the crown is also signed with their trademark). Four narrow tapered and curved lugs provide attachment for the 20 mm leather strap. All leather straps on Slow watches feature a stainless steel buckle with a shape which mimics the octagonal shape of their first watch, the Slow Jo. When worn, the Slow Round sits comfortably on the wrist, with a low center of gravity. The narrow bezel and short tapered lugs make it appear almost "all dial". The matte finish gives a very understated presence, less noticeable than either of the earlier models. I find that, when I'm wearing any of these watches, I often just glance at them and judge time by the approximate angle of the hand similar to how I read the speedometer on my car, rather than looking at which particular number the hand is pointing towards. If I do look a second longer, time can be determined to within a few minutes, but that is missing the whole point of these watches. They encourage an "it's about 2 pm" attitude toward time, rather than "it's 2:06:33". Thinking of time in this way can be refreshing or relaxing, especially on weekends or vacations. People who spend time regulating their mechanical watches and then tracking it's performance every day with an electronic tracker may have difficulty understanding this point of view. The Ronda quartz movement is very accurate day to day, or even over many months, but a single-hand watch cannot be read to the same precision as a watch with two or three hands. What this means is that, once set, the Slow watch will not need to be set again until daylight-savings time requires a change every six months or so. If you ignore daylight-savings time and just mentally add or subtract the hour, the Slow watch can literally run for years without adjustment, since the tiny amount of accumulated seconds gained or lost cannot be read on the dial anyway. I enjoy all of my Slow watches quite a lot. They are very nicely made from quality materials with excellent workmanship. They are sufficiently unique that I've never met anyone else wearing one. Their unusual look does attract attention sometimes and people do sometimes ask questions about them.
    (Posted on 31/10/2018)

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