We wanted to show you just how much this product truly represents the concept of slow by highlighting some of its impeccable details.




The core of the slow watch is the 24 hour one-hand concept.

A 24 hour one-hand watch allows you to see the entire day in one view and experience time in natural way. This fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and it will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day.

This way of showing the time is inspired by the original clocks that were based on the sun clock. Those early clocks indeed had only one hand and displayed all 24 hours. You can still see them on some old church towers. Only when people’s lives became busier and busier they felt a need to create this unnatural split of the day in two 12-hour halves and break each hour down in to 60 minutes. That’s when we started to chase the minutes and get stressed by time.

So, let’s turn back time and be slow again…



During the first days it might feel a bit unusual to have only one hand indicating the time. But don’t worry, you will get used to it very quickly and start appreciating this much more natural way of showing the time. With only one glance at your watch, you will immediately get a good orientation of where you stand in your day. Taking a normal look, you will get a precise enough indication of the time.

Every index shows a 15 minutes time bracket


This beautiful object -made of durable 316L stainless steel- is certainly the highlight of this amazing product.

It took our designers and engineers a heck of a lot of work to bring this pure shape alive. The result is an object that, seen from all angles, is perfectly symmetrical.

For example, look at the case from the side and you will realize that the edges on the upper and lower parts have exactly the same proportions.

To give the watch its distinct vintage look we used a raised, extra hardened (K1) mineral glass with antireflective coating. It gives you a crystal clear view on the dial and is extra resistant to scratches.

In order to achieve a fully integrated case back, our engineers created a top loader construction. The result is this perfectly smooth back which is fixed with 8 screws to the case to ensure 100 meter water resistance. This is the only place where you can find the slow logo – precisely laser etched into the steel.


The slow watches are manufactured in Switzerland – the country where the art of watch making was invented. It is where true quality, artisan precision and attention to detail is achieved by doing things in a slow and thorough way. Therefore, we think Switzerland and slow watches are a great match! And it will ensure that you guys get the best possible product and are happy with it for a very long time.


  • The leather straps are manufactured in Italy and made of the finest calf leather. Unlike normal straps that have a lining and filling and other stuff, we simply use 2 pieces of this beautiful leather on top of each other which creates a much more raw and soft touch. You will love the feel on your wrist. To ensure you have the right expectation on the strap


  • The canvas strap version certainly has the most used and rugged look. The bleached surface and rough structure gives the watch a neat beach and outdoor feel. Like all slow watches, it comes with a special tool that makes it easy to change the band and comes with the unique slow octagon buckle.PLEASE CLICK HERE to watch a short video clip.


  • The nylon straps make the watch appear sporty and vintage at the same time; and they add a great army flavor to the watch. The strap passes through under the case and utilizes special pins that make the Nylon go in easily. The 3 metal loops are used to hold the end tip and to make this construction look incredible!


  • The metal bands are made of solid stainless steel with separate links that create this stunning vintage bracelet look. As we use a slightly thinner band than common the timepiece is not too heavy and very comfortable to wear, but still durable. It’s just right! The solid butterfly buckle opens by applying a bit of pressure so we don’t need an additional closure and can keep the back super clean. By the way: You can easily adjust the length of the band in every watch shop.


The models

  • NEW: Solar Slow

    From now on, the age of the sun begins at slow. The first solar-powered slow watch also has a date display. But that’s not all, the case is made of recycled aluminum and the straps are made of recycled fabric.

    Together with the newly developed box, which is made from recycled paper, this is a huge step towards sustainability.

    But that’s not enough news for us: With the SOLAR slow, we are also introducing a new exchange system for the bracelets. This allows you to change the wristbands by hand in no time at all, without any tools. BÄM.

  • Slow Round Twelve

    The slow Twelve joined the extended family in 2022. The Twelve is a further development of a special edition that was not yet included in the list: slow AM/PM. Developed primarily for the US / UK market, this wristwatch is a version with only 12 hours on the dial.

    Oh yes, and of course there’s something else that shouldn’t be missing: In addition to the battery-powered watches (all models mentioned are quartz watches), we also have an automatic version – the Automatically slow. If you are interested in this, please write to us: (jo@slow-watches.com).

    By the way, a little preview… Hopefully we’ll make it this year, but next year at the latest: we’re currently working flat out on another automatic version…
    With this in mind. It remains exciting!

  • Slow Round-S

    The slow Round-S is a little sister with a width of 34 mm and a clear focus on women.

    You can see this immediately when you look at the color variants.

    Many fresh and feminine combinations that make the heart leap for joy.

  • Slow Round

    We then introduced a further development of the round approach in 2017. As this model is really round, it was consequently named slow Round.

    The predecessor designs merge perfectly with each other and it has to be said, it was a direct hit. Until then, the most successful family was slow Jo, but the Round models have now replaced Jo in this respect.

    With a width of 40 mm and some interesting color variations, a nerve seems to have been struck, so that we will no longer produce the O models.

  • Slow Jo

    It all started at the end of 2012 with our slow Jo model. Like all our watches, handmade in Switzerland. At the start of our journey, we decided on 15 different variants.

    A lot has happened since then. Well, more than a decade has passed… The JO model is octagonal and has a comfortable width of 38 mm.

    You can choose between different colors and bracelet types and if you like a special look, you are definitely in good hands here.

  • Slow Mo

    The JO was followed by the slow MO model. Although this case is also unisex in principle, we deliberately wanted to make it a little more delicate with a width of 34 mm to better suit men with narrow wrists and women.

    Although slow Mo is still octagonal, it is rounded and therefore a little “softer”.

    Here, too, you can choose between different styles, which in turn are clearly masculine or feminine.

  • Slow O

    The octagonal era was followed by the slow O, the first round, oval version of our Swiss wristwatches.

    At 42.5 mm, it is slightly larger than the previous models. This is also due to the fact that round watches usually appear smaller than square ones.

    The O model is very special, super supple as it is rounded on all sides and truly breathtaking.

The Box

We have completely redesigned the existing box and created a 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable box. It consists only of recycled materials and also looks really good.

The dimensions, however, have remained the same at 10x10x10 cm.

There is a small, practical hole on the back of the inner box containing the watch. This is used to easily remove the watch with a finger, so that no annoying shaking or tapping is necessary. This could result in the watch accidentally falling out and, in the worst case, being damaged. This should of course be avoided at all costs.

The great thing about the box is that it has become much lighter thanks to the new materials and construction. This is of course also important for transportation routes and helps to reduce transport emissions.

There is of course a short transitional period during which both boxes are on the market. But any new production of models from now on will ONLY be with the new box.

How do you like this sustainable box?